Humans - Mixed Ancestry


Today, humankind represents the emerging dominant civilization in the known world.The keywords here are “emerging,” “dominant” and “civilization.” In sheer numbers, there are as many beastmen and other races (perhaps more) as there are humans. Like humans, they are found in large or small numbers throughout the known world. Their numbers are smallest in center of the giant continent, and largest in the western and northeastern and southeastern portions. Hundreds more can be found in every other empire doing trade, working for those governments, studying foreign ways, etc.

Human civilization in the Regnum World is roughly equivalent to those on Earth during the 15th Century. Cultures and laws are most reminiscent of those from Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, complete with Kings, Princes, or Emperors, nobles, wizards, warlocks, knights, priests, scholars, serfs, castles, kingdoms, fiefdoms and all the rest. Although similar in some ways, it is vastly different in others. Most notably, the existence of magic, sorcerers, demons, and in human creatures make even human cities exotic places of sword and sorcery. Humans may dominate the land, but it is a world where dragons roam the lands, demons interfere in the affairs of men, and human wizards dare to challenge the gods. It is a world of dreams, magic, and high adventure with a wealth of treasure and knowledge for any who can claim them. At this point in time, that someone happens to be human!

Known human nations: Berkay, Vilgard Federation.

It is unknown if Fikir Tayfa is dominated by any race except that 3 out of 5 of the last ambassadors to the World Council have been human.

To Roll up a Human from outside the Galvan Republic use the stats found in the PFRPG Core Rules pgs. 288-289

Vilgard Elector-Prince from Justin Sweet.
Berkay Swordswoman picture from Pazio Pathfinder.
Wizard/Necromancer from Art of Ty.

Humans - Mixed Ancestry

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