Humans - Galvan Bloodline

Human – Galvan Bloodline

While other kingdoms are loathe to admit it the Galvan people are the source from which humankind sprang from on Regnum. There has been discovery recently that suggests they may be the progenitor race of more than humans! This reluctant admittance is mostly due to the last 20,000 years of ingrained racial purity. They come off as xenophobic, superior, and racist. What may surprise you is why?

The Age of the Werebeast has been gripping the land and all the known counties of the the Empire of Avestan were fighting to some degree. There werebeasts had been making a concerted push to take over the Realm when the tables turned. Three battles fell in the favor of the Avestanni humans and soon the werebeasts were loosing the war. They had been betrayed by someone in their own ranks, within 5 additional years there were no signs of werebeasts! Galvan Wormfang was the hero of the Empire of Avestanni, though lost in the final battle the records say. With the shattered remnants the Avestan Humans took his name as their own and the Galvan Republic was born!

Blood Magic and the Werebeast(s) traitors had actually saved the day allowing a person to verify purity of a family line, whether they had been turned to a werebeast and were unaware of it. Blood Inspectors were instituted during the war and Blood Mages were the genetic inquisition. Soon purity of the bloodlines became critical and traceable, then the power shifted to those that could prove pure blood. Within a 2,000 years though the practice was no longer about proving you weren’t a werebeast it had become a way to prove your family line had remained pure. The Galvan people stopped trusting outsiders and marriages became arranged based on this very notion of pure blood.

Alignment: Any, but 40% are principled and aberrant, 60% other.
P.C. Attributes: The number of six-sided dice to be rolled is as designated. I.Q. 3D6, M.E. 3D6, M.A. 3D6, P.S. 3D6, P.P. 3D6, P.E. 3D6 ,P.B. 3D6, Spd 3D6.
Hit Points: P.E. + 1D6 at level one; an additional 1D6 per level of experience.
S.D.C.: Those gained from O.C.C.s and physical skills.
P.P.E.: 4D6
O.C.C.s available to Galvan Humans: Any, there’s an increase in priests among noble families and is considered a man of magic, just a holy one. Scholars and “Men of Magic” out number warriors 2 to 1 in this country and their alchemists rival the Elves in talent.
Natural Abilities: Roll 1D8 to determine which stat gets a bonus of 1D6 to it (I.Q. through Spd.). Varies widely, tend to be tall, lean, and muscular; light skinned with brown, and black hair. Any other hair color is a true rarity and often looked upon with scorn.
Bonuses: + 1 to one saving throw of choice.
Magic: By O.C.C. only
Psionics: Standard; same as humans.
Habitat: See the Galvan Republic for more information regarding this. For a reference to Earth society you are looking at Germany in the early 15th Century (1401 – 1450 A.D.).
Average Life Span: 115 years
Languages: Their native tongue is Avestan and they also commonly speak Trade-Elven. Literacy is higher in this country than most others, pushing 55%.
Enemies: They tell everyone they have no enemies, yet keep everyone at arms length that is not pure Galvan.
Allies: The Guardians of the Accord, cool relations with the Vilgard Federation, and Daedala.
Physical Appearance: Average to tall Human sized.
Size: 5 to 6 feet,six inches (1.5 to 1.9m).
Weight: 100 – 200 (45 to 90kg) pounds.

Pictures from WOTC.

Humans - Galvan Bloodline