These humanoids were summoned from an alien world by the Elves during the Founder’s War. Slender, graceful humanoids that have a slightly reptilian appearance. Completely hairless, they are covered with fine green and yellow scales (GM NOTE: Because they did not live in the wastelands the color does not develop into a red color such as those that lived in the Baalgor Wastelands of Palladium World) from living in plains of Vilgard Federation, Sussuria, southern Berkay, and the middle to southern portion of the Kingdom of Greenwater. Those that have come to live in such environments have tanned a dark red and the term ‘red touch’ is used to refer to being tan or sun burnt. After a few generations a comparatively small number of Gosai living in Berkay have begun developing a red sheen to their scales that has replaced the green and darkened the yellow scales to burnt orange! They are millenniums away from a permanent change to red but clearly they have adaptation abilities they themselves are yet unaware of.

There are tales of Gosai wandering Martial Sai of the staff in the outlying regions of the Vilgard Federation. Many seek them out for their level headed skill and logical thinking. Another reason people hire them for various jobs is that their ability develop and hold a grudge if they are moved to anger.

Those that have come over with the Founders have moved into the following nations:

Gosai REFUSE to use riding beasts or beasts of burden, preferring to carry their meager possessions on their person. They abhor gluttonous materialism in all forms and prefer a spartan existence. They are allergic to all forms of metal taking 1D4 points of damage any time there is skin contact.

Stats/Abilities known: High PP and SPD, Prehensile feet, claws, superior sense of hearing. Average SDC/HP.

NOTE: For additional information Palladium Books PFRPG Book-9: Baalgor Wastelands

Picture courtesy of Palladium Books Inc.