Galvan Republic

Galvan Republic

Earth Society Reference: Germanic 15th Century
Predominant Religion: The Church of Dualism

The Galvan Republic can trace their lineage to before the time of the Founder Races’s arrival, when the country was known as the Empire of Avestan about 25,000 years ago and further back to the earliest records around 60,000 years ago! They truly feel that by the grace of the gods they will be here after the Guardians of the Accord vanish into history.

They were the tenth empire to sign the Accord. They often come across as arrogant, racist, and bigoted, however, they are extremist when it comes to racial purity. They don’t necessarily hate other races and do enjoy trade with them, but all of their towns, castles, cities, etc. have burgs for native Galvan, and then everyone else. Only in the last 50 years have 2 large cities created a third burg for co-existence with others. Now if a Galvan chooses to live among this burg they will have a meeting monthly with a blood inspector to make sure that they have not had relations with a human of non-Galvan pureblood, or any other race that can mate and bear offspring with humans. Those that do are paid for their property and and given a month to leave the Republic, permanently! During that month a blood inspector will make daily visits to make sure the transition is handled smoothly and they don’t create a scene with anyone else of any race. Brothels in the Republic never have human courtesans in them, ever! When asked about their xenophobic customs they simply smile and say,

“These are our traditions, please respect them as we respect yours. We have survived before the coming of the Founders and when time has wiped them away we will still be here. We are patient, tolerant and steadfast in our beliefs of our ancestors wishes, thank you.”

Their ways are practiced and they do not change quickly or often. Food from Galvan is considered some of the finest in the Empires of Regnum. Beef, hides, and scholars are among some of their exports to other empires. What military they have is small but every citizen is required to serve before they can get married, own property, have children, or vote.

The country is divided into ‘Prefectures’ dividing the land, each city has Margrave Prefect which presides of the lesser regional Prefects in their domain. The ruler of the land is chosen from among the Prefects and only breaks bloodlines if their is no child to pass it on to. The current “Lord High Prefect” and ruler of the Galvan Republic is Heinrich VonSilber Galidorf.

  • Lord High Prefect = Heinrich VonSilber Galidorf, Leader of the Nation.
  • Margrave Prefect = Regional Lords that rule over lesser Prefectures in their Domain.
  • Prefect = Local Lord could be a knight with a large estate, town to small to recognize, etc.

Names: Heinrich = Given name / VonSilber = Family Name and Bloodline (in cases of mixed families the boys take the fathers and girls the mothers) / Galidorf = City of Birth (This can even be an estate in the country if more than 50 people gain their livelihood upon it).

Whispers exist and have for the last 10,000 years as to why the Blood Council exists, why they have unrestricted access to the Library of Rheinfelden, and many other rumors both grounded and fantastic. Like the complete nation of Fikir Tayfa the true purpose of the Council of Blood remains a mystery.

Motto: Our Tradition is Dedication in Ourselves

Capital City: Galidorf
Notable Locations: Library of Rheinfelden, the fishing and trade town of Baydorf, the forested city of Badenfeld, the holy city of Avestein (in the north), and the port city of Zierenberg

Pictures from WOTC & German Castles
Shield heraldry by HOTROD!

Galvan Republic