Founding of the Accord

Within 24 hours of the Founder’s of the Accord arrival they knew they were on another world due to the Circle of Drodd as the Circle of Absolute Elemental Power has been nicknamed.

Not sure what to do next both Elf and Dwarf still among the survivors signed the treaty of peace and closed off the island with magic. For the first twenty years everyone tried to get home, and when that failed. They asked the changelings to help integrate themselves into this world. For the following 30 years everyone worked together while Changelings were the only ones to leave the island and were armed with all manner of magic to help them blend in, defend themselves and learn about the world. It was during this time the ‘Council of the Accord’ was formed and its nine tenants were founded.

Among the talks of the Accord came the founding of the Guardians of the Accord. Beginning the talks was the stunning announcement of the Dwarves that there was a way they would share runesmithing with the other races that had signed the Accord, and agreed to their terms which were non-negotiable. Among those Dwarves wishing peace that had come with Isle-Wind, was one of the runesmiths that had learned how to grow a soul. Allowing a rune weapon to grow with time and become more powerful with time and training. Anyone wising to become a runesmith must first study magic and then become a living rune weapon. They would be bound to uphold the Accord in their very soul and would only be taught how to create only lightbringer rune weapons. If they ever had their mortal forms destroyed they would forever remain a rune weapon frozen with the talents and powers their soul had learned! In 10,000 years there have been 1000 living rune weapons created, and 693 of them still have active mortal forms!

The first 50 years after their arrival some 10,000 years ago caused quite a shock for the native inhabitants of Regnum. The survivors of the what was to become known as the Founder’s War began making overtures to their neighbors and the first to accept their advances were the Shirn of Sussuria, They were the first nation of Regnum to sign the Accord.

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Founding of the Accord