Founder's War

Founders’ War

This is the Great War spoken of that brought the founders of the Accord to Regnum and ushered in an age of peace that has lasted ten millennium. It was called the war of the Fair and the Strong on the Founders’ World. On that world the Elven “New Kingdom” had risen to power after a titanic battle against an evil in that world’s past. Since the closing of that chapter of the Founders’ World history the Elves became a major power during their world’s magical renaissance. Near the end of that age the Dwarven Empire also rose to prominence. The Elven “New Kingdom” and the Dwarven Empire grew more intolerant of each other and war broke out. The loss of life and destruction was so great over the next 2000 years that many people still talk of it as if it were recent history, not 10,000 years in the past on another world. All that stands of the once great city is the 60 mile radius of its center culminating in the Tower of the People’s Voice. Commonly called the Golden Tower and the island it resides on is called Baalgor in its honor.

Once home to 23 million elves, humans, orcs, goblins, and a scattered bunch of other races in much smaller numbers. It, and the land around it, was blasted by a dark magic woven by the greatest dwarven sorcerers of the time. Now all that survived were roughly 1 million people among them the dwarves that came to sue for peace on that fateful day, and some that still wish the fair folk eternal damnation.

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Founder's War