This was the last race Agu put together before he decided to submit to Uwa. The Chaos Father hid this creation from everyone in a Pangaea like environment. With Uwa’s help in making sure one day they would see life he made them as a balance to the Minotaur taken from this world over a hundred thousand years ago.

They have been placed into stasis awaiting the day they would be awoken by a union of psychic and magic in the crystals that form out of the Chaos Father’s blood! So passed the reign of the creator, destroyer and mutant life form creator – Agu. It was roughly 50,000 years later that Humans that had left the land of Avestan found this paradise among the sand. Before they could explore it the world group were stopped by none other than Brahma himself! Explaining he was the caretaker of this land and if they wished to live in this paradise free from persecution they would have to adhere to his guidelines for this place contained a force with no chosen destiny, the Equitregus. He would not explain who or what the Equitregus were but if they wanted to stay they would be pick by the god’s selection, and those he did not select would be given another paradise and watch over the entrance to the Barrens. Some chose not to stay as others were simply not selected to be caretakers and took the secondary path in time these humans would found the Sultanate of Berkay. Their leader for those that stayed was known later as Avadan the Avatar of Vishnu the Preserver, and his two great friends Upadi the Chronicler and Chrolos the Crystal Dragon!

So the great dust wall rose to cover what was to become Fikir Tayfa in mystery, and thus began the building of the great crystal nation. Originally only Avadan, Upadi, and Chrolos ever ventured and saw the last creation of the Chaos Father on this world. Avadan and Upadi would often travel to other lands helping people of every race and culture. Only the wisest of scholars began to piece together their mission, gathering psychics! To help build the city and purify the blood of the Chaos Father when it cooled to crystalline form. It is from these crystals that the Sand Crystals everyone uses for rechargeable magic items come from. The few wizards that find raw, un-worked Sand Crystals have kept them hidden and often fallen prey to their mutagen like effect of prolonged exposure. In all of record history only certain Psi-Mystics have been able to use the raw stones effectively. The effects of the liquefied form are far more potent, dangerous and chaotic in what it will change.

Over the eons even the caretakers have mostly forgotten their true charge and only the King of Fikir Tayfa and his closest courtiers have ventured down into the Crystal Caverns deep enough to see one of the Equitregus encased in crystal, sleeping, dreaming no one is sure. Some have a single horn and others don’t. Their has been attempts to crack one open to see but they resist forms of damage. 8,000 years ago their is a record of one cracking but no one has seen it. Many fear and yearn for the awakening because their purpose is not determined, their fate is their own to decide. Those that are aware of the counting of the crystal tombs say there are over a million below the oasis. What if they loose their homes? What if they are the opposites of the Minotaur the Founder Races speak of? That should mean they are good, right?

Fear of the unknown, of the loss of paradise is pushing this nation to the brink and no one outside the realm of Fikir Tayfa can see the storm coming.

Alignment: Any, but mostly good through selfish, the opposite alignment scope of a Minotaur.
P.C. Attributes: The number of six-sided dice to be rolled is as designated. I.Q. 3D6, M.E. 2D6+6, M.A. 2D6+6, P.S. 4D6+6, P.P. 3D6+6, P.E. 4D6 ,P.B. 3D6, Spd 3D6+12
Hit Points: P.E. + 25 at level one and 1D6 additional per level of experience.
S.D.C.: 1D6 X 10 + 30, plus those gained from O.C.C.s and physical skills.
Rifts: Earth Note: Should one travel there roll 1D6 x 100 + 300 S.D.C. effectively making them minor M.D.C. creatures with 1D6 + 3 M.D.C. If they have a horn multiply their M.D.C. total by 5!
Natural A.R.: 10
Horror Factor 9, 11 when they see one with a horn!
P.P.E.: See Magic and Psionics for more info.
O.C.C.s available to Equitregus: Any, there is no restrictions to any occupation because there destiny was left undecided by the Chaos Father at the urging of the Order Mother.
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 90ft (27.2 m; can see in total darkness), good color vision, superior sense of smell, cold resistant (does half damage). Can leap 20 feet (6 m) high and 40 feet (12.2 m) long!
Bonuses: + 2 on initiative; + 1 to strike, parry, and dodge; without a horn they get a +5 to save vs. horror factor and if they possess a horn then they get + 3 to save vs horror factor, + 1 on all other saving throws.
Equitregus Horn: Not unlike a keg tap to their soul and the life force that makes them alive this horn connects them to a source of pure light and positive energy. Trying to sway one of the horned Equitregus to evil would be done with a – 4 (- 20%) to the roll and a + 4 for them to save against it. Only half the race have the horn and are pre-disposed to find a mate without one and vice versa, though since none of them have woken up this is nearly impossible for one to know. If the horn is cut off that Equitregus IMMEADIATELY becomes one of the non horned and it can never be restored. The horn, however, will keep all of the ISP or PPE the mage or psychic had acquired and radiate half of it every three hours for use by other psychics or magic users! Luckily this is not known, common knowledge or some enterprising Alchemist, Rune-maker may have very well tried one of these for a handle!
They must re-roll their base P.P.E. and any psi powers are immediately and irrevocably gone! Lose 3D6 Hit Points PERMANENTLY and also half that number in SDC as well (round up). So if you loss 10 hit points 5 SDC would be gone forever!
Damage: Punch do 2D6 S.D.C. damage plus P.S. bonus, kick does 3D6 S.D.C. damage plus P.S. bonus, charge/head butt is 3D6 S.D.C. damage plus P.S. bonus and 4D6 if they possess a horn. Has a 40% chance of knocking the victim of the charge down (victim loses one melee attack and initiative) and a 50% chance with a horn.
Magic: Only those with a horn can choose to understand and study the mystic arts. Their P.P.E. Base is 1D4 X 10, then add in whatever bonus come from the chosen O.C.C abilities. Unless the class gives the Equitregus magic and psychic powers, such as the Psi-Mystic all magic using Equitregus are minor psychics.
Those without a horn are NEVER magic using O.C.C.s but gain the following bonus: + 3 to save vs ALL forms of magic! Their P.P.E. Base is 4D6.
Psionics: Above average: those Equitregus born with a horn are always a minor psionic with three of the following sensitive powers:
• Sense Evil
• See the Invisible
• Sixth Sense
• Empathy
• Telepathy
• Mind Block.
If those with a horn roll and get 20% to 40% they are a major psionic (with the lower amount of Related O.C.C. Skills) and must select their sensitive powers from this list and three from either physical or healing. If those with a horn roll 01% to 19% or the GM allows them to select a Psychic Character Class then these powers will be potentially different, however, should any of these power become available to the PC during creation they must select three from the above list before picking others.
Those without a horn are NEVER psychic but gain the following bonus: + 2 to save vs ALL forms of mind control, + 4 to save vs. all psionics and ANY magic that effects the mind (illusions, domination and such). If a psionic power or magic spell tries to control the mind of the Equitregus then his total save without other bonuses is a +6!
Habitat: Unknown since they have not awakened.
Average Life Span: Unknown since they have not awakened
Languages: Unknown since they have not awakened.
Enemies: Some of the ruling body of Fikir Tayfa.
Allies: Some of the ruling body of Fikir Tayfa.
Physical Appearance: Huge, hulking, anthropomorphic horse like humanoids. Their hair color and pattern vary as much as actual horses.
Size: 8-13 feet tall; 7 + 1D6 ft.
Weight: 500 – 800 pounds; 400 + 1D4 X 100 pounds.

Anthro horse pictures from Pachycrocuta.