Blood Inspector


Often called Witch Hunter, the Royal Undertaker (never to their faces), Purity Scion these officers of the Galvan Republic function in many ways like the American FBI & ATF rolled into one. The Blood Inspector is ALWAYS a purebred Galvan Human, they are the ones ensuring the purity of their people from being corrupted by other bloodlines.

Headquartered in Galidorf with a nearly identical chapter house in Rheinfelden down the “Avenue of Scholars” from the Great Library of Rheinfelden they have unrestricted access to the monk scholars and its contents, but no one is sure why. A few marques in any tavern will produce a dozen theories, and sure one of them “may” be true however in 20,000 years no one has ever figured out why, and lived long enough to prove it.

Blood Inspectors are a cut above the typical investigator/sheriff or local deputy of any town within the majority of the surface empires of Regnum. The Blood Inspector is known to have some psionics or a knack for the job, which is why they were chosen as Blood Inspectors in the first place, but the Blood Inspector is more like the Pinkerton detectives of the United States ‘Wild West’ or modern day FBI. They are especially skilled at undercover work, investigation/intelligence gathering, surveillance and subtlety. They, however, are known for a smile that can cut like a knife or heal a local fued in equal measure. In twenty millenia you count on four hands the number of rogue agents from the organization.

The primary rules of the Blood Inspector is:

  • Be courteous
  • Make the Galvan people feel safe
  • Do not mention rule #3
  • Assist any citizen in leaving quietly if they wish to marry or love outside outside of their culture.
  • Encourage trade with other races and learn what you can from them for knowledge is everywhere.
  • If abroad keep aware of Galvan citizen’s mixing with the other sex of non-Galvan’s.
  • Beast races are preferred traveling companions since they cannot corrupt the bloodline.
  • Do not mention rule #8
  • Defend any Galvan first over all others, unless doing so would harm the racial bloodline.

In the Galvan Republic as elite agents of the government, they are beyond many of the laws under which most normal citizens must comply, so long as their actions do not threaten the sovereignty of the community they are visiting, or Bloodline of the Galvan people as a whole.
In addition to their investigative and combat skills, most Blood Inspectors are recruited from those who have some degree of psionic talent. The chapter house at Rheinfelden where Blood Inspectors are trained develop sensitive psychic skills because they are of more use in accomplishing the inspector’s mission.

Consequently, unlike other O.C.C.s that allow the player to choose a number of psionic powers depending upon whether they have a minor or a major talent, Blood Inspectors must choose from the Sensitive abilities. Note: roll for psionics as detailed below rather than the standard way.
01-70% minor psionic: Choose three from Sensitive choices (Palladium Fantasy or Psycape). The
base I.S.P. for a minor psionic is determined by taking the character’s M.E. and adding 2D6. Add 1D6 per level beyond first. Also, gets to pick two extra O.C.C. Related Skills.
71-90% major psionic: Gains Meditation and chooses a total of eight abilities from Sensitive. The base I.S.P. for a major psionic is determined by taking the character’s M.E. and adding 4D6. Add 1D6+1 per level beyond first. Note: Mind Mages are in a class of their own.
91-00% non-psychic: However, the inspector has a high intelligence and mental stability ( + 1D4 to I.Q. and M.E.) and a natural talent for investigation ( + 5% to Tracking, Surveillance, Intelligence, Interrogation and Streetwise skills, plus selects three extra O.C.C. Related Skills).

Picture from WOTC.
Basis for this O.C.C. is from the Master Collector Palladium Books – Eastern Territories

Blood Inspector