Sultanate of Berkay

Earth Society Reference: Ottoman 15th Century
Predominant Religion: Path of the Avadanti

The Empire of Berkay is predominantly human, however, they have welcomed any race, person, and idea because of their motto, which is written below. They are sun worshipers as the chief embodiment of the light of truth. It is their belief that matter is merely a container for the energy of the light in a solid form. Truth is the highest form of praise in Berkay, so foreigners are in for a shock when it comes to conversing with people of this nation. The more they are liked the more blunt the people of Berkay are to them expecting the same amount of truth in return; “Blunt like Berkay” is a common saying among other nations.

In the wilderness this nation has become know for the Quorians wandercamps that wander the barren wasteslands and the eastern edges of Berkay. Orcs have integrated well into Berkay society, and many have risen to positions of prominence among the nation. Berkay has become the central trade point for those who find a way to survive in the barren wastelands. The biggest item that passes through these lands is textile, coffee, sand crystals (used in all forms of magic), magical items made of crystals. The Inner Sea Caliphate of Zashzura is the most beautiful of lands and a vacation spot for wealthy from across the 12 empires! Even to the undersea realm of Vorlantis!

They were the eight empire to sign the Accord in 380 A.T.

Motto: All things are of the light, material things simply are vessels of the light, look beyond and be wise

Capital City: Bahari-Almen
Notable Locations: Inner Sea Caliphate of Zashzura, fortified island prison of Kal’Hagiid, and the port cities of Galilee and Bezroku

City on the top right Flaviobolla,
Temple on the bottom right Raising Readers and Writers,
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