Belfast – Realm of the Skyfasts

Predominant Religion: The Path of the Avadanti

This is the Skyfast or “Floating City” of the Realm of the Skyfasts hovering over the nation of Berkay. Each Skyfast is unique and reflects the lands it hovers above. The downward spires is said to reflect the mud towers of the Orcs and Human desert nomads of the Sultanate of Berkay. Living among this city is Humans, Orcs, thirteen Wandercamps of Quorians among the lands above the buildings that face downward. The land above on the top of the floating cityspire is a miniature copy of Berkay itself scaled down to 120 miles across! From a distance this Skyfast looks as though someone made a city of inverted pyramids!

Until Vilfast was launched roughly 15 years ago this was the newest Skyfast around and given that it takes 200 years to construct one in the basic sense of the word, before the enchantments are activated in perpetuity. Many improvements not found in older Skyfasts can be found here. Gravity fed filtration systems and plumbing, recycling and purification of waste into combustible fuel for other industries functioning on coal and other fossil fuels. Sand Crystal based solar panels and crystalline lighting throughout the Skyfast! There are a 8 drydocks for Skyships maintenance and one factory that builds new skyships and even small cabin sized mini-skyfasts! Don’t get to excited there’s a 25% deposit and a wait time of 25-40 years for completion and safety certification! This desert skyfast has been operational now for just over 2,900 years!

Belfast floating city courtesy of HB Design