The Arudanni are a race of bird men and like the Ursen they are aware of the origins from the Chaos Lords’s experiments with life forms. They consider themselves the guardians of flying creatures and do not look kindly on those that mistreat them. Having a bird as a pet is considered a sign of respect as caring for one like family.

They are followers of the “Path of the Avadanti” and worship Garuda almost exclusively with lip service prayers to Vishnu and Brahma. They consider themselves descended from the great Aruda bird they call the children of Garuda. They have raised them and provided sanctuaries for them in the floating cities of the Realms of the Skyfasts, which is why most people have not seen one in recent memory. They have been training them to carry packages and messages from Skyfast to Skyfast, never to the ground. Tandem teams have been trained for larger packages with Arudanni taking lead and rear positions not unlike a aerial dog sled!

There cities are amalgam names based on which country the skyfast is positioned above.

  • Balfast = Berkay
  • Vilfast = Vilgard Federation
  • Sussfast = Sussuria
  • Greenfast = Kingdom of Greenwater
  • Daefast = Daedala
    Note: there was a Galfast until 20 years ago when it crash during the nightmare of the Galvan Necropolis incident!

GM Note: I have include a video to describe the floating cities and home peak – Mount Skyfast – in the southwest of the the southern continent they hail from. It is designed to give the player a sense of identity to their PC’s homeland/environment.

Alignment: Any, but 60% are principled or scrupulous, 10% aberrant, 30% other.
P.C. Attributes: The number of six-sided dice to be rolled is as designated. I.Q. 3D6, M.E. 3D6+2, M.A. 2D6, P.S. 3D6+3, P.P. 2D6+9, P.E. 3D6+4 ,P.B. 2D6, Spd 3D6 – 3D4 X 10 flying.
Hit Points: P.E. X 2 at level 1 + 1D6 per additional level of experience.
S.D.C.: 50, plus those gained from O.C.C.s and physical skills.
Horror Factor 8
P.P.E.: 2D6
O.C.C.s available to Arudanni: Any men at arms but tend to be rangers, and excellent alternate version of a longbowmen, however, substitute spears instead of bows! They are accomplished wizards and specialize in Gravitonic Magic which helps to keep the Realms of the Skyfasts afloat.
Natural Abilities: Amazing daytime vision of spotting a human sized target (No details) clearly at 1.5 miles with line of sight! Nightvision 200ft(122m).
Bonuses: + 1 on strike and +2 to dodge while flying.
Damage: Foot Talons do 2D6 plus P.S. bonus, Beak 2D4 plus P.S. bonus, or by weapon (usually spears).
Magic: By O.C.C. only
Psionics: Standard; same as humans.
Habitat: See the Realms of the Skyfasts for more information regarding this.
Average Life Span: 100 years
Languages: Their native tongue is Ahrus and it has a written language that much closer resembles earth based Summerian Cuneiform. They also commonly speak Berkaic, Dwarven, and Trade-Elven. Literacy is not high except among administrators, scholars and those that need it from day to day.
Enemies: Those that would harm flying creatures, demons & monsters – especially those that have wings.
Allies: The Guardians of the Accord, The Dwarves of the Korin Ithrik, and anyone that wants their messages delivered on time.
Physical Appearance: Average to small Human sized avian humanoids with condor like heads and feathered wings coming off their back.
Size: 4-6 (1.2 to 1.8m) feet tall; Wingspan is typically three times the height of the character.
Weight: 100 – 200 (45 to 90kg) pounds.

Arudanni people by Pachycrocuta, check out that gallery!