Description: Somehow related to the desert dwelling silonar (see page 136 of Monsters & Animals), these reptilian mounts are bipedal lizards. Forest speedsters, they are capable of running at top speed for up to eight hours without tiring. Arbolytes are somewhat more clever than their sand running cousins (which is not to say much). Once tame, however, they can be come rather loyal to a gentle rider. Like silonars, however, arbolytes must be steered carefully, especially at high speeds, to ensure that the creature runs in the desired direction. A tame adult arbolyte’s back will be carefully saddled, capable of carrying up to 250lbs. Its head will be wrapped in a simple leather harness, which, when tightly controlled, will steer the creature.

Elegant, hump-backed, sturdy and somewhat sleeker than a silonar’s, arbolyte flesh is natural camouflage in the deep forest. Their physical dexterity is absolutely amazing, rendering them able to hurl through dense wood by dodging over hanging branches and skipping wildly over the underbrush. Untamed arbolytes tend to be aloof, wary and nocturnal. They are the next most common beasts ridden besides horses in many of the Empires.

Physical Appearance: Large, graceful, smooth featured reptiles with massive hind legs, and smaller forearms which are often used to push aside foliage, in a swimming motion, as it moves. Their tails are used for balance. They are covered in small, deep green and gold speckled scales and have green eyes.

Habitat: The deepest woods in the forests across several Empires with them, and their desert dwelling kin, the Silonar, have migrated into the arid deserts of Berkay. Arbolytes hate direct sunlight for long as they are nocturnal by nature, and will perish if placed in an urban setting for more than a few weeks (3D4 each time they are in urban settings). This is the only thing keeping them from replacing horses as a means of transportation. They need to run and cavort in the cool shade of the forest. They tend to hibernate during winter months.

Horror Factor: 9

Size: 4-7ft,

Weight: 200-350 pounds

Average Life Span: 40 years

For all other statistics please refer to Silonar, found on page 136 of Monsters & Animals by Palladium Books

Picture from a book no longer published by Palladium Books, the link is to the current version of that old sourcebook. The artist is the amazing Kevin Long, a great artist that help give visual life to Palladium’s Worlds and our dreams.