♦♦ Site Appearance and Notes ♦♦

I would like to thank Killervp and Wolfhound for the CSS help in the forums regarding custom CSS options. I am still learning and tweaking as I go. More thanks to Madartise for the horizontal nav bar CSS.

I can honestly say without seeing the awesome site that is A God… Rebuilt I would not have the structure to begin forming this site of my own or this story. My thanks to them for this support.

Wallpaper is originally a color work by Sergey Zabelin, I added a red, black and white overlay to them and cropped them to fit.

Site banner is from FanMing and Fan’s wonderful gallery at CG Hub. Many of the other site banners not listed as art I paid for or done by the players are from Sergey Zabelin, Andreas Rocha, and Fan Ming.

Many of the black and white iconic images were found at Game Icons site where they have hundreds of Creative Commons icons for use in making your game better.

Thanks to Travis Guerrero for the optional material on Living Rune Sword.

Thanks to Timothy Dorman for the optional material on Mythic Warrior.