Niveos the Northern Pole


Niveos the Northern Pole

Stone Rune Staff

This is a stone rune staff and even in this age of high magic stone rune items are still rare. It is marble white with greyish-blue runes! It is cold to the touch and any non-bonded wielder will take 1D4 points of damage direct to hit points per hour of contact. Unless immune to disease they will develop a cold in a week of possession (-1 on all rolls -5% to all skills). These effects vanish when the bond is complete. Bonding with a Wizard or Water Warlock takes 3 months, all others take 9 months. The soul of Niveos is an ancient frost dragon mage and that pioneered ice magic invocations. Having lost a bid to join Dragonwright the deal was to volunteer its soul upon a natural death.

Alignment: Anarchist
Damage: 4D6; plus Numbing Cold see power below..
Appearance: See Description above.
Powers: It has all common rune powers including special ones listed below
Restrictions: Only usable by a psychic character. All ISP is provided by the owner of the object.

Available Runic Abilities: Notes:
Numbing Cold Anyone struck must save vs magic (14) or be paralyzed by numbing cold for one action per point of damage sustained! For creatures immune to cold it is one action for every four points sustained. Multiple hits incur additional saves.
Ice Magic: All Ice Magic out of the Libraryof Bletherad and Palladium Core rule books!!
P.P.E: 240; regenerates 10 per three hours or 80 per day.

Picture from Runescape Wikia.


Curse: NO LYING! Every lie is 1d4 damage straight to hit points if in contact with the weapon. If bonded and you lie within 4 miles the damage is instantaneous over this connection. The wielder will likely also begin hearing about how her mate betrayed her and killed her hatchings within moments of them waking up. She is cagey and bitter, a cold heart. If she has a year of no lying then she’ll begins teaching wizards how to cast ice magic through dreams.

Niveos the Northern Pole

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