Ayden AnderWolf Hammerdon

Tall Dog Man with massive psychic abilities


Ayden Anderwolf Hammerdon

A rather tall and lanky Farseer, Daedal. Master Psionists. Eldest son of a wealthy and influential, Farseer mining Family. Honors graduate of The Academy of Inner Spirit.

Rank & O.C.C.: 8th Level Mind Mage
Title: Chief Deputy Ambassador of Fikir Tyfa
Race: Daedal
Land of Origin: Daedala
Citizenship: Daedala*

HT 6ft 10in IQ 14 Save vs Magic +1 Strike +3
WT 190 lbs ME 23 Save vs Psionics +4 Parry +3
ISP 242 MA 11 Save vs Coma/Death +5% Dodge +3
HP 61 PS 16 Save vs poison/disease +1 Roll +3
SDC 63 PP 12 Save vs H.F. +3 Pull +2
Level 8 PE 17 Save vs Mind Control +6 Initiative +2(8)
Exp. XP Page PB 14 Save vs Mind Probe +6 Damage +1
Sex Male SPD 45 Save vs Insanity +6 Critical 18-19-20
Birthday Hordad 26th
20 yrs.
AR-Nat - Save vs Possession +5 Disarm 20
HTH: Expert HF - Attacks 5(6)
Alignment Scrupulous Trust/Intimidate - K.O./Stun N/A
Charm/Impress - Death Blow N/A
Marques: 6,000
Non-Monetary Items of value: 0

Weapons: Damage STR/PRY/THW Notes
Khallē the Ivory Sword 6d6 5/5/0 Deals quadruple damage to supernatural beings and creatures of magic (including dragons); see the ITEM PAGE for more information.
Mining(Horseman) Hammer 2d6 3/3/1 This larger war hammer seems normal in the hands of a Farseer
War Hammer 3d4 3/3/1 This hammer seems like a carpentry hammer in the hands of a Farseer
Shirn Orb Blades 2d6+3 3/3/3 Two of them, matching / +3 to Strike, Parry, Damage / return when thrown and armor piercing.
Vilgard Ornate Rapiers 3d4 3/3/1 Set of matching Rapiers, Ornate with Jewels, inlay and carvings. Super Sharp, Indestructible, Armor piercing, Spirit Strike (x3 daily)
Psi-Hammer(Sword) 8D6 6/6/- See Description below
Warhammer-Misery 3D4+4 6/4/1 Hammer formerly owned by Graegga . Traded to heal the bonds between Daedala & Korin Ithrik
Armor AR RF-T RF-I RF-S SDC Notes
Total Bonus 2 1 1 6 57 Does not account for Psychic enhancements
Vorlantis Chain Mail 14 1 1 1 200 Half weight Vorlantis chain mail. Will heal itself daily if intact. No energy transfer from energy type attacks
Studded Leather 13 1 1 6 38 Normal Studded leather, no penalties
Psychic Body Field - - - - 80 10 SDC per level, costs 30 ISP
Telekinetic Force Field - - - - 200 25 SDC per level, costs 30 ISP, 10’ rad/lev
Natural Weapons: Damage Notes
Punch 1d6 + PS
Kick 2d6 + PS
Bite 2d6 + PS
Karate-Kick 2d4 + PS
Racial Abilities: Notes
Family Farseer (Wolfhound): Tracks by sight, not scent; -40 % to track by smell (sight as good as an eagle), but add 30 to S.D.C., + 1D4 to P.E. and P.S. attributes, +3D6 to Spd attribute, and +2 on initiative. Bite does +2D6 damage.
O.C.C. / R.C.C. Abilities: Notes
ISP & P.P.E. The character gets another 12 ISP for each additional level of experience, starting at level one. Considered to be a master psionic. Most of the character’s P.P.E. has been expended in the development of psychic abilities. Permanent P.P.E.: 4.
Bonuses As a master psionic, the Mind Mage needs to roll a 10 or higher to save versus psionic attack (plus any M.E. attribute bonuses). +6 to save vs mind controlling drugs, potions, and magic charms, +5 to save vs possession, and +3 to save vs horror factor.


Saving Throw: 10 + ~ ISP 242 ~

Psi Power Name Lev Acq H/P/S/Su Range Duration Save ISP
Sixth Sense 1 s 90’ Danger passes/happens n/a 2
The sixth sense is a power that gives the psychic a precognitive flash of imminent danger to himself or somebody near him (within 90ft). The character will not know what the danger is or where it will come from, nor who it will be directed at when in a group. All he will know is that something life threatening will happen within the next 60 seconds (4 melees)! The sixth sense is triggered automatically, without the consent of the psychic, whenever his life is in great peril or the life of somebody he greatly cares about (friend, loved one, etc.). The sixth sense is only triggered by an unexpected, life threatening event which is already set into motion and will happen any second. The power cannot be called upon at will to sense for traps or ambush. Instead, it works like an automatic reflex. If the character has used all his ISP the sixth sense is temporarily rendered inoperative.
The sudden flash of insight provides the following bonuses. All bonuses apply only to the initial melee when the attack occurs.
+ 6 on initiative roll
+ 2 to parry
+ 3 to dodge
The character can not be surprised by a sneak attack from behind.
Mind Block 1 S Self 10 min/lev None 4
This is the ability to completely close or block oneself from most psychic/mental emanations. When intentionally closed to supernatural or psychic forces, the character cannot sense anything, cannot use his psionic abilities, nor be psionically influenced by others.
See Aura 1 S 60’ (LoS) 2 melees None 6
All things, organic and inorganic, have an aura. The aura has many distinctions and can be used to see or sense things invisible to the eye. Seeing an aura will indicate the following:
* Estimate the general level of experience. Low (1-3), medium (4-7), high (8th and up).
* The presence of magic (no indication of what or power level).
* The presence of psychic abilities.
* High or low base P.P.E.
* The presence of a possessing entity.
* The presence of an unusual human aberration which indicates a serious illness, non-human, or mutant, but does not specify which.
Note: Can not tell one’s alignment from “see aura”.
Alter Aura 1 P Self 1 hr. / level None 2
A truly unique power that many psychic investigators claim is impossible or does not exist. The power enables the psychic to manipulate his physical energy in such a way that it changes his aura. The altered aura will send the wrong message to those who can see auras.
Meditation 1 S Self Varies None 0
This psychic sensitive ability is automatically available to all master psionics. It is a simple self-hypnotic trance which allows the psychic to completely relax. During such trances the psychic regains six ISP per hour (the Mind Mage gets 12!).
Bio-Regenerate (self) 1 H Self Permanent - 6
This the ability to mentally heal oneself of disease, poison, or physical damage. Unfortunately, this ability is limited to the healing of oneself and can not help others. The process requires one full minute of concentration, meaning the character can not use any other psionic power during that time. Bio-Regeneration does not restore missing limbs, but does restore 2-12 (2D6) hit points, or 3-18 (3D6) physical S.D.C. points per melee. In addition, when cuts and scrapes are healed through bio-regeneration there is NO scarring. The psionic can regenerate as often as once every other minute.
Healing Touch 1 H Touch Instant(2 minute trance) - 6
The healing touch is a remarkable healing ability that can instantly heal cuts, burns, bruises and similar physical wounds. The touch restores 1D8 hit points or 2D6 S.D.C. The healing touch can only be used on other living creatures, never on himself.
Detect Psionics 1 H 30’/lev 1 min/lev - 6
This is a mental probe that will indicate the presence of psionic energy within the immediate area. The probe can not be used to pinpoint the exact location of psychic energy nor the level of power other than a vague sense of weak, medium, or powerful, but will indicate whether an individual is psychic by directing the probe at a specific person (does not reveal the type or strength of the person’s powers other than low, medium, high). It will also indicate whether a group mind block is in effect and if a person is psionically possessed.
Telekinetic Acceleration Attack 1 P 50’+ 10’/lev; line of sight Instant Dodge, Save; must know the attack is coming to dodge. 10/20
Rather than use telekinesis to lift and move one or more objects, this super psionic power causes a half dozen to a dozen small objects (coins, pencils, small stones, arrows, unloaded bullets, etc.) to hurl at an incredibly high velocity in a powerful (if not short range) burst of telekinetic energy. All items strike one target at tornado wind velocity. If 10 ISP are expended the damage inflicted is 3D6+4 S.D.C. If 20 ISP are expended, the damage is 1D4x10 + 1d4 per level of experience! The psychic must roll to strike at +1 to do so (no other bonuses apply except any R.C.C. psi-power bonus) and the target must be clearly visible.The psionic attack counts as one of the character’s melee attacks.
Night Vision 1 P 600’ 10 min/lev - 4
The psionic can adjust his visual capabilities through a form of biomanipulation. The eyes are made to become much more light sensitive and basically works on the same principles of mechanical light amplification. The eyes simply amplify existing light, such as candlelight or star and moonlight, to see clearly. There must be some source of light to see (can not see in total darkness). Note: If suddenly exposed to light brighter than a single candle, the psychic will be temporarily blinded for 3D4 melees. The nightvision power can also be used to change one’s vision to polarized sight, reducing glare as would a pair of polarized sun glasses.
Telepathy 1 S 60’ one way/140’ two way 2 mins/lev Special 4
Savings Throw: Conditional. When a person suspects that he is being telepathically probed he can resist, getting the standard savings throw. Mind blocks will completely prevent telepathic probes or communications as long as the block is up. The power of telepathy allows the psychic to eavesdrop on what a person is thinking at a particular moment. This is done by focusing on that one person and picking up on his or her surface thoughts. Surface thoughts are those thoughts and musings uppermost in a person’s mind. deep probe into memory is not possible. Although the psychic can read the thoughts of several people, he can only do so by focusing on one person at a time. Simultaneous, multiple mind reading is impossible for the character. Limited telepathic communication is also possible. The telepath can send a directed thought message to one person at a time. The message must be as brief and clear as possible. Like, “John, I need you immediately. Hurry!” or “Stop! Don’t do that.” “Come here,” “Look Out” or “Press the green button.” However, two-way telepathic communication is not possible except between two telepathic psychics.
Remote Viewing 1 S Self 2D6+6 second flash of insight or vision of current events. Saving Throw 10
Saving Throw: Special. Other psychics can feel or sense when somebody is trying to observe them and can try to resist it by concentrating (uses up one ISP); standard save vs psionic attack (in this case, psionic intrusion). Failure means the psychic is seen via remote viewing. Success means the psychic trying to view is blocked, and he knows that the target has deliberately done so. The target of this power gets no impression from being viewed remotely and has no idea why he is being viewed or by whom. To use this power, the psychic needs a photo or video image to focus on, even if he knows the person or place intimately. When focused on a particular person, the psychic can see in his mind what the person is doing at that moment for 2D6+6 seconds. The image appears as if the character were looking down through a skylight. He sees only a glimpse of things and may not remember all details. Likewise, he may not see other people outside his line of vision, because the focus is a particular person, not the entire room. If the target is moving, walking, or driving, the remote viewer will know this and follow along for a few seconds, although he may not have a clear idea of his surroundings, but enough of an impression to recognize it if he sees it personally. The character may also remote view a specific place such as a small to medium room, a corner in a playground or field, a specific entrance to a building, a particular section of an alley, etc., but not an entire house, office building, stadium, street, etc. As before, he must have a photograph, video or frame of film to focus upon. For 2D6+6 seconds, the psychic will see whatever occurs in that small area of that particular place, In the alternative, the psychic can use remote viewing to catch glimpses/images that tell something about the subject of the viewing. In this instance, he must have 2-4 specific questions, such as, is so and so alive … the image of the character smiling as he walks through the area appears, or flashes of a brutal attack, blood, and a falling body (indicating death), and so on. In either case, the psychic cannot look at the same person or place via remote viewing again for another 24 hours.
Mask ISP 1 S self 10 min/lev Saving Throw 7
This is a psionic power that enables the character to completely mask all spiritual aspects of his psionic energy and powers. Even the aura is temporarily altered. As a result, other psychics, Dog Boys, Psi-Stalkers, and creatures who can sense psionics or see aura will not detect psionics in a character who is masked. However, the masked psychic must “block” himself from the world, which means he cannot use any of his psionic senses or abilities, nor receive empathic or telepathic impressions until he lets the mask go.
Empathy 1 S Self 2 min/lev - 4
A psi-ability that makes the psychic aware of, or feel, the emotions of other people, animals and supernatural creatures. Mind block will prevent any empathic emanations from the blocked person.
Mind Bolt 1 Sup 100’/lev Instant Dodge Varies
Mind Bolt I 1 Sup 100’/lev Instant Dodge 6 ISP = 1D6 SD
Mind Bolt II 1 Sup 100’/lev Instant Dodge 12 ISP = 3D6 SD
Mind Bolt III 1 Sup 100’/lev Instant Dodge 20 ISP = 6D6 SD
Mind Bolt IV 1 Sup 100’/lev Instant Dodge 40 ISP = 2D4x10 SD
The psionic can focus his psionic energy into a powerful bolt of mental force and hurl it at a visible target with amazing accuracy. The amount of damage the bolt inflicts depends on the amount of energy expended. All mind bolts are +4 to strike, but adding an additional 10 ISP increases the strike bonus to +8 to strike. Remember, ley lines and nexus points increase the range and damage.
Psychic Body field 1 sup Self 2 min/lev - 30
With a thought, the psychic instantly surrounds himself with a telekinitic force field that conforms to the shape of his body and enables him to physically move and fight. It is a super damage structure with 10 S.D.C. per level of experience. The field takes the shape of a dim, white, transparent aura that completely surrounds and encloses the body of the psychic. Items held in his hands, hung from his back, or worn on top of his head are not protected. On the downside, the field does not protect against disease, radiation, or toxic fumes, nor magic or psionic attacks other than physical ones (energy blasts, fire, etc.). Worse, the TK-force field means the psychic loses his sense of touch, because the field is between him and all objects/materials outside the force field. This lack of touch sensation means the character cannot feel much of anything he picks up or touches after the field has been erected. This makes the use of skills that require a sense of touch and manual dexterity -30%, and delicate items may be accidentally dropped or crushed.
Telemechanics 1 Sup 5’ 10 min + 2 min/lev None 10
This ability allows the psionic to mentally communicate and understand machines. This psi-power is a bizarre combination of object read and telepathy, except that it applies to mechanical devices only. By touching any non-artificially intelligent machine, whether it be a bicycle, gun, car or airplane, the psionic will instantly have a complete (although temporary) knowledge of exactly how the machine operates. I must stress that the psionic knows everything about the machine; the complete schematic diagram and operation knowledge are clearly seen in his mind’s eye. The level of skill expertise is equal to 80% scholastic skill. When touching an artificially intelligent machine, i.e., computers, the psionic not only understands everything about its operation, repair, access codes, etc., but can actually communicate with it telepathically. This means he can tap into a computer’s memory bank without using a terminal because the information would be sent directly into the psionic’s mind. Remember, the telepathic link and memory are temporary abilities (although a total recall would be able to call up small bits of info). The psionic’s skill knowledge is equal to 88% skill proficiency and applies to all aspects of the machine, its operation, repair, special codes, etc.
Telekinesis 2 P Varies 2 min/lev - Varies
Telekinesis SML 2 P 3 2 min/lev - 60’ LoS
Telekinesis MED 2 P 8 2 min/lev - 30’ LoS
Telekinesis LRG 2 P 8+1/10 lbs 2 min/lev - 15’ LoS
Telekinesis is the ability to move objects without any other means than directed psychic energy. The character can make an object hop, fall, roll, rise into the air, suspend it there (hover) or make it fly across the room. In order to move an object by telekinesis, the item must be clearly visible, within the psychic’s range (60ft/18.3m) and the point of focus. As usual, the psychic must concentrate on what he is doing; thus, each telekinetic feat counts as one of the character’s physical attacks. The total number of telekinetic attacks is equal to the character’s number of physical attacks per melee
Speed Reading 2 S Self 3 min/lev - 2
This is the ability to read and comprehend the written word extremely quickly. Speed of reading is 30 pages per minute/4 melees. The psychic will retain the information as he would normally. Highly technical texts will reduce the speed reading by half (15 pages per minute) and may require two readings.
Bio-Regeneration(Super) 2 Sup Self Permanent - 20
Another bio-manipulation power that enables the psionic to direct his psychic energies to immediate self healing. The character must concentrate for one full minute while his body instantly heals itself. 4D6 hit points and 4D6 S.D.C. points are simultaneously restored at the end of 60 seconds! As usual, there is no scarring.
Pyrokinesis 2 Sup Varies Varies - Varies
Pyrokinesis is a psychic power that gives a character the power to manipulate fire.
* Fire Resistance 2 Sup Self 5 min/lev - 2
Fire Resistant: The psychic can endure great heat and fire with minimal ill effect. Damage is reduced by half. Magic fires do full
* Spontaneous Combustion 2 Sup 30’ +5’/lev Instant - 2
The ability to create a spark that will ignite combustible material, such as paper, old rags, dry grass, gasoline, etc. Note: Human hair should not be considered a combustible material. This is a slow fire, starting with a tiny spark and grows. Initially, it is not a roaring blaze.
* Fuel Flame 2 Sup 30’ +5’/lev Instant - 4
The character can feed the fire with psychic energy, doubling it in size. Affects a 10ft (3m) area.
* Extinguish Flame 2 Sup 30’ +5’/lev Permanent - 4
The power to instantly put out an area of fire. Affects a 15ft (1.5m) area of fire.
* Create Flame I 2 Sup 30’ +5’/lev 2 min/lev - 20
The incredible ability to create fire out of thin air. Can be an 8ft pillar of fire affecting a 4ft (1.2m) area or a 6ft wall of fire stretching six feet long (1. 8m) plus one foot per each additional level of experience. Damage: 4D6 from the pillar, 6D6 from the wall, plus both have a 72% likelihood of setting any combustibles they touch ablaze (including cloth, rugs, curtains furniture, etc.).
* Create Flame II 2 Sup 30’ +5’/lev Instant - 25
Another fire creation ability is the hurling of a fire ball. Damage: 6D6. Plus 2 to strike.
* Sense Fire 2 Sup 100’ +5’/lev 2 min plus - 2 ISP/2 min
The psychic can sense or feel the presence of fire and pinpoint its exact location, he/she can pinpoint the exact location of every fire in the area. Base Skill: 90% success ratio. A failed roll means only 2D4x10% of the fires can be located by sensing.
Telekinesis(Super) 2 Sup 100’/lev 2 min/lev Dodge 10 ISP/10 lbs
Damage: 1D4x10 S.D.C. per 100 lbs of weight. The power is basically the same as the ability described in the Physical Category of psionic powers, but greatly enhanced. Differences are increased range, dramatically increased weight and damage. The character can use telekinesis to manipulate as many as one object per level of experience, as long as the combined weight does not exceed the total weight capacity. Combat bonuses are the same as the non-super telekinetic power.
Supress Fear 3 Heal Self, Touch 1 min/lev - 8
This power temporarily suppresses the chemical and psychological components of fear on the recipient. As a result, the character is unable to feel frightened or is barely frightened, even if intellectually he realizes he is in danger or is facing a terrifying monster or situation. This enables the character to think rationally and take calm, calculated action, rather than respond with the typical “fight or flight” reactions of those who are frightened. While this power is activated, the character automatically succeeds on any roll to resist Horror Factor, even if magically induced. This power can be used on the psychic himself or on one or two others.
Impervious to Fire 3 P Self 3 min/lev - 4
2d4 melees for preparatory meditative trance. Another mind over matter discipline enabling the psychic to endure intense heat, fire, boiling water, hot coals, and so on, without suffering pain, damage or scarring. Magic fires inflict half damage.
Psi-Sword 3 Sup Self 5 min/lev - 30
A psi-sword is a super SD energy weapon that the psychic can mentally will into existence! The sword appears out of thin air, as a shimmering blade of energy that resembles a glowing sword. The sword’s actual appearance will generally reflect its creator. A character who is impressed by strength and power will create a huge claymore like weapon. A character who prides himself on speed and agility is likely to create a rapier or saber type blade, while a hero who enjoys cunning and subterfuge may create a short sword. Each is equally powerful regardless of its form and size. (Ayden always creates a War hammer like weapon that is as black as the coal he used to help mine). Psi-sword damage: 4D6 SD at level three (one can not select this power until level three). Add 2D6 SD at levels four, seven, nine, twelve, and fifteen. The psi-sword of the Mind Melter is incredibly powerful and, unlike the knight, can be adjusted to inflict a minimum of 2D6 SD or increased by increments of 1D6 SD up to the character’s current maximum.
Psionic Invisibilty 3 Sup 100’ LoS 1 min/lev -2 10
Psionic invisibility is the ability to remain undetected when in plain sight. This is accomplished via a telepathic impulse that convinces bystanders that the psychic is not a threat and insignificant-beneath their notice. Those affected by the impulse are unable to see the character, and subconsciously avoid colliding with him; they don’t see him on a conscious level. Note: This invisibility works only if the character is “passing through” or hiding and honestly has no intention of attacking or hurting anybody in the area. The slightest ill intent or act toward perpetrating violence instantly cancels the psionic influence. Individuals watching through video monitors and other sensory equipment can be similarly tricked into ignoring the psychic, but only if within his radius of influence. Those out of range will react appropriately, and once the psychic has been seen, the person is immune to his ability to seem invisible. Likewise, while a watch guard may not see or react to the psychic, he will be captured and recorded on film and by sensors. Video cameras, computers and similar devices are never fooled by this power; they are able to notice and record the character as normal (some may sound an alarm too).
Mind Bond 3 Sup Touch Special Standard 10
This creates an instant mind link between the psionic and the victim. When this happens, each will learn EVERYTHING there is to know about the other. This includes all skills, secret identities, phobias, etc. In both cases the memory is complete for only 3-12 hours (roll 3D4), after that, the characters must roll under 15% to recall any particular item. After one month all memories completely disappear. Players should bear in mind that only the psionic knows the memories are not permanent, thus the other person would have no reason to make notes or act quickly before the memories fade. Note: Skills and skill bonuses are also temporarily absorbed, meaning that the psionic possesses all of his victim’s skills and skill bonuses. Physical attributes, such as S.D.C. and attribute bonuses gained through physical training are NOT gained. Alien or extremely mentally and/or emotionally disturbed minds can permanently impair the psionic’s own mind as a result of the bond. If bonded with an alien or extremely disturbed person, roll on the following tables for a permanent insanity. Roll on Insanity Tables: 1-40 No Insanity; 41-80 Phobia; 81-90 Affective Disorder; 91-00 Neurosis
Psychic Diagnosis 4 H Touch, 3’ Immediate None. Nega-Psychic: Standard 4
2d4 melees of meditation. The psychic healer can sense physical pain, damage, disease and possession with absolute clarity. This pinpoint accuracy enables the character to suggest treatment or to conduct psychic surgery.
Total Recall 4 S Self Permanent - 2
The character remembers every word he reads. Specific blocks of information can be recalled in perfect detail at will. Each block of information costs 3 ISP to recall in absolute detail. If all ISP have been expended the memory is a little fuzzy, so that exact quotes and details may be impossible to recall. Roll percentile: 1-50—remembered in full detail, word for word; 51-80 — details are forgotten, but the full essence of the ideas are clear; 81-00 — can only recall the most basic concepts; no details nor strong comprehension.
Bio-Manipultion(Evil-Eye) 4 Sup 160’ 4D4 min Standard 10
The psychic is able to induce physical trauma to the nervous system of others by sheer force of will and psychic energy. This psi-power is often known as “the evil eye.”
There are seven types of bio-manipulation effects. Each affects only one person per attack and can be used in any combination. Intended victims must be within line of vision or their exact location known to
the psychic. Each costs 10 ISP to inflict. This psychic power enables the psychic to temporarily manipulate specific biological functions or conditions in human and animal lifeforms. The duration can be extended 4-16 (4D4) minutes per additional 6 ISP
Blind: Temporarily knocks out the victim’s optic nerves, rendering that person quite helpless. Victims are -9 to strike, parry and dodge.
Deafness: Can be caused by manipulating the eardrum. Victims can not hear anything, and are -6 to parry or dodge attacks from behind. In addition, the shock of suddenly becoming deaf makes them -3 to strike, parry or dodge any other attacks, and they automatically lose the initiative on all attacks.
Mute: Impairs the victim’s vocal cords, making speech impossible. Victims are likely to be shocked and panic, making them 2 to strike, parry and dodge for the first melee ONLY.
Pain: By manipulating the nerve centers the psionic can induce terrible pain, shooting throughout the body. Victims are -6 to strike, parry, and dodge, and take one point of damage off their hit points (not S.D.C.) per each minute affected.
Paralysis: Immobilizes the motor part of the brain, causing legs and arms to stop functioning. Victims are completely incapacitated for the duration. Stun: This attack disorients and confuses its victims. Victims forfeit one attack per melee, speed is cut by half, and are -4 to strike, parry and dodge.
Tissue Manipulation: Affects the tissue’s connecting nerve fibers which can cause a variety of effects. By irritating the nerve fibers a victim will suddenly feel itchy, as if suddenly breaking out in a severe rash.
Endothermic Manipulation: The victim can be made to suddenly feel cold or hot while everyone around him feels fine. This is done by manipulating the body chemical which absorbs heat.
ALL three conditions are more annoying or frightening than physically impairing. In each case the victims are -1 to strike, parry and dodge. Savings Throw: Standard; if a character successfully saves against the attack he is not affected at all. This applies to all seven bio-manipulative attacks.
Group Mind Block 4 Sup 120’ 10 min/lev - 22
The master psionic can instantly erect a mental barrier or mind block to protect himself and those around him, with in a 120 foot area. The group mind block works just like the individual mind block power. It can be a means of protecting those around the psychic from psionic probes and mind attacks, but it can also be used to prevent outside forces (good or evil) from communicating via telepathy or empathy. Thus, a villainous psychic can use the group mind block for his own evil purposes. Everyone within the 120 foot area of affect will be automatically blocked, but the affect is not detectable so they are not likely to know that they are being mind blocked (a detect psionics will indicate a group mind block)!
Mind Wipe 4 Sup Touch Special Special Special
To mind wipe an intelligent creature the psionic must make physical contact, touching his victim’s temples to erase whatever he desires. This is done by verbal suggestion and can erase any past event, knowledge, skill, and so on. The process takes about three minutes to complete. The loss of memory is temporary, lasting 1D4 days for every 10 ISP expended. The memory can be permanently erased if the psionic exerts 50 ISP at once. A psionic can also permanently wipe a mind completely blank by expending 50 ISP and four Mental Endurance (M.E.) points. This is an extremely gruelling process for the psionic and the loss of the four M.E. points is permanent, even if the opponent successfully saves against the wipe and is not affected. Savings Throw: Standard; a successful save means the person is unaffected and still retains his memory.
Resist Fatigue 4 P Self 1 hr + 20 mins/lev n/a 4
A mind over matter discipline which enables the character to engage in physical activity without suffering from exhaustion. Although fatigue is temporarily suspended, the psychic will feel extremely tired and may even collapse when the psi-power’s time limit lapses. requires 1D6 melees of preparatory meditation.
Impervious to poison/toxins 5 P Self 2 mins n/a 4
The character can negate the full effects of poisons and toxic chemicals which he has ingested (eaten or drank) or introduced into the bloodstream, as long as he/she has advance knowledge of its deadly properties. A poison, toxin, or drug which has been unknowingly inflicted (and starting to take effect) can be negated too, but will do half damage or effect before it can be completely negated. Bonuses: Identify poisons — 30% + 4% per level of experience; + 2 to save vs poisons and drugs.
Telekinetic Force Field 5 Sup 40’ 10 mins/lev n/a 30
The psychic can instantly erect a force field around himself or others in the blink of an eye. If the creation of the force field is to parry an attack, the psionic must roll a successful parry to see if he was able to create the field before the attack strikes. A successful parry means the force field beat the attacker’s strike and it absorbs the damage. The force field can be made so that it only encircles its creator or as large as a 10 foot (3 m) area per level of experience and can be created yards/meters away (but always within the line of vision). The smallest force field possible covers about a three foot area ( 0.9 m). The field is a standard-damage structure with 25 S.D.C. per level of experience. Once one field is created, the psionic can create as many others as his ISP will allow. All must be in the character’s line of vision. The force field(s) will remain in place until all its M.D.C. is destroyed or its creator dispels it. If the Mind Melter is rendered unconscious or killed the force fields instantly vanish. However, the psionic can leave the area and the force fields will remain in place until the duration time limit expires. People may be able to move around inside a force field, but the force field itself, can not be moved. The force field is actually a force bubble and is air tight.
Mind Block (Auto Defense) 4 Sup Special Special n/a Special
The moment the psychic is being mind probed, a personal mind block automatically snaps into place. It also alerts the psionic to the fact that he or she is being probed or attacked by empathy or telepathy. The Character must consciously and willingly lower the mind shield and open oneself to the psi-probes. Otherwise, the automatic defense mind block will stay in effect until the probe/attack is over. The ISP cost is different in that the character must permanently give up 14 ISP when this power is selected. However, the mind block will automatically take place whenever under telepathic and empathic probes/attacks at no additional ISP costs; it engages automatically.
Psychic Omni Sight 5 Sup 500’ 5 mins/lev n/a 15
An advanced form of extrasensory perception that allows the psychic to have a sort of controlled out of body experience. The psychic must spend one minute (four melee rounds) in meditation and enter into a trance state. While entranced, his spirit or essence seems to rise 10-20 feet above his physical body (this is not visible to anybody but other psychic sensitives who can see the invisible, auras or spirits). From this vantage point, combined with heightened awareness, the psychic sees through his mind’s eye, without having to use his normal vision or senses. Psychic Omni-Sight is incredible, enabling the psychic to see in all directions at once, to see radiation, thermal patterns, the invisible, and to literally see any movement, even of the wind! This power enables the psychic to guard or survey a campsite for signs of wayward group members or approaching dangers (maximum range 500 feet/152 m; this psionic vision is stopped/contained by walls and other obstacles).
It can also be used to survey an area for things that might otherwise escape normal sight or take much longer to locate and identify.
Special Bonuses & Abilities:
• Pinpoints the locations of electrical outlets, electronic “bugs” (spy and surveilance devices), electronic devices and other energy and heat sources, as well as bionic body parts and cybernetic implants close to the surface of the skin (not bio-systems or artificial internal organs). Such concealed or obscured items can be identified by their shape and heat pattern. Success Ratio: 40% +5% per level of experience.
• This ability can also help the psychic to locate secret compartments and trap doors. Success Ratio: 25% +5% per level of experience.
• See the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums of light.
• See heat signatures: can tell if an engine has been recently used or a weapon recently fired (within the last 15 minutes), follow recent footprints or vapor trails (within the last five minutes), see heat signature in darkness and so on.
• Hyper-sensitive to movement. The psychic can not be surprised by movement or attacks within the 500 foot (152 m) radius or confines of the area under psionic scrutiny (may be substantially smaller indoors; closed off by walls and doors).
Limitations: Although keenly aware and alert while using Psychic Omni-Sight, the psychic cannot take physical action, not even to speak, nor use most psionic powers unless he cancels/ends the ability. He can awaken the instant the psi-ability ends and leap into action. While entranced by Omni-Sight, the character can only use the following psionic powers: empathy, telepathy, see aura, empathic transmission and telekinesis. The number of psionic attacks/actions per melee round are half those normally available when not entranced.
Object Read 6 S Touch 2d6 min. n/a 6
Base Skill: Impressions: 56% +2% per level of experience. Images: 48% +2% per level. Present: 38% +2% per level of experience. This uncanny ability enables the psychic sensitive to receive impressions and images from an object regarding its use, history and last owner. This is done by holding the object and concentrating on a specific line of thought or opening up to general impression (the latter is always more vague and random). Just as a psychic must open himself to sense evil or magic, he must open himself to the object. If successful, he will receive impressions and/or images revealing bits of information.Impressions include: General alignment of its last owner (good,
selfish, evil), general emotional state of mind (anger, happy, sad, hate filled, confused, etc.), the object’s general purpose (what it is used for), whether or not the last owner is living or dead, and whether the
item has been used with/by magic or supernatural forces. Object read will also conclusively indicate whether the item is currently enchanted or contains a supernatural force/entity (as well as its alignment and emotions). If the item is possessed, an object read makes the reader totally vulnerable to psychic attack (no bonuses to save). Images: The psychic can also see images of isolated events which have happened in the past. This will provide brief snippets of images and events that will offer glances of the previous owner and others close to him. Traumatic and emotion filled events/images are the easiest to see. Impressions will accompany the images, adding to the story as it unfolds. Information includes: approximate age, height, weight, build, race, sex, sometimes occupation, hair color and length; special facial or body features, such as a scar or tattoo or beard (very often the exact facial features are out of focus, blurred or obscured); the object’s use/purpose; and some special event, usually very traumatic, important or happy. Often the event image will be fragmented as if it was a piece of movie film edited by a crazy man. The event will always be one in which the object was involved in some way. The success or failure of an object read: roll percentile dice once for impressions and once for images. The roll must fall under the character’s base skill ability to succeed. A roll higher than the base skill means a failure and the psychic feels and/or sees nothing. Impressions and images are two different things, so roll for each. The psychic may get no impressions, but see images or vice versa. The present can not be seen unless the psychic was successful on at least one of the previous read impressions or images rolls. Once an object has been read it can not be read again by the same psychic, even if he did not see or feel a thing. Of course, the psychic can attempt to object read other items, but each attempt will cost 6 ISP The present can also be glimpsed, but costs an additional 4 ISP, with no guarantee of success. Sometimes the psychic can focus in to see and feel the last owner as he or she is at that very moment. This will provide an idea of what is his current state of mind/emotion, appearance/dress, general location (that is to say, a bedroom, office, street, outdoors, etc. No address or sense of close or far is provided), general features (shaved his beard, dyed hair, etc.) and so on. The psychic may be able to identify a place or person by feature, if he has seen it before or runs into it/him in the near future.
Resist Thirst 6 P Self 6 hrs. n/a 6
This ability is identical to the resist hunger psi-power except it applies to the consumption of water. It does not negate the long-range damage from dehydration.
Mentally Possess Others 6 Sup Touch 5 min/lev NONE 30
The Mind Melter can completely take over and controls another person. The psychic essence of the controlling mind is transferred into the body of another individual. While in the victim’s body/mind, the psionic retains all his own knowledge and identity. He can not read the mind of the person he now possesses, nor access any knowledge from the victim’s memory. Only the physical body can be controlled, like a living robot. During the period that the victim is possessed, the person goes into a trance state and remembers nothing about the things that happen while he is possessed. Meanwhile, the Mind Melter’s natural body falls into a coma like state and is vulnerable to attack unless protected by others. The possessing character can return to his own body at any time regardless of distance. When his essence leaves the body of the possessed, the victim suddenly becomes conscious again, as if suddenly being woken up.
Radiate HF 6 Sup Self, 100’ 5 min/lev -1 to save vs. HF 8
The psychic can channel his psionic powers, alignment and emotions to radiate as an aura of power that is frightening. This aura is equal to a Horror Factor (the usual penalties apply) and perceived on a subconscious level. The level of horror varies as follows:
Horror Factor 10 if the character is of a good or unprincipled alignment.
Horror Factor 10+1 per every three levels of experience if the character is anarchist.
Horror Factor 12+1 per every three levels of experience if the character is of an evil alignment.
Add one H.F. point to any of the above if the character is also insane or enraged beyond reason.
Electrokinesis 6 Sup Varies Varies - Varies
Electrokinesis is a psychic power that gives a character the power to manipulate electricity.
* Electrical Resistance 6 Sup Self 3 min/lev - 2
Electrical Resistance. The psychic can manipulate his body so to become resistant to electricity. Up to 60,000 volts will inflict no damage or ill effect. Currents greater than 60,000 volts, including lightning and magic electricity, do half damage.
* Electrical Discharge 6 Sup Touch or 2’ Instant - 2/discharge
The character can cause static electricity within a six foot (1.8m) area, as well as emit an electrical discharge by touch. The discharge can be a little jolt or inflict up to 1D6 damage as often as once per melee.
* Manipulate Electrical Devices 6 Sup 45’ +5’/lev 2 min/lev - 4
Through focused thought the psychic can enforce a limited control over electrical devices, such as turn off and on light switches, computers, televisions, radios, blenders, microwave ovens, flashlights, toys (battery and plug types), windshield wipers, and all types of electrically operated appliances, toys and devices. He can also manipulate the controls of the device, such as volume, channel selection, tuners, speakers, change speed, dim lights, and so on. A dozen different electrical functions can be manipulated each melee. This can mean flicking the light off and on six times (12 functions/6 off, 6 on) or turn on the T.V., turn its volume up to the max. and turn on 10 other appliances (12 functions in all).
* Sense Electricity 6 Sup 45’ +5’/lev 2 min/lev - 2/2 min
The psychic can sense or feel electricity and pinpoint its exact location with fair expertise. Base Skill: 55% + 5% per each additional level of experience. A failed roll means only 1D6 x 10% of all the electrical devices/sources of electricity could be sensed.
summon Inner Strength 7 P Self Duration N/a 4
This psi-power enables the character to draw on his inner reserves of strength to ward off pain and fatigue. Every time the psychic calls upon his inner strength the following bonuses apply:
• Add + 10 S.D.C.
• Add +2 to save vs poison or toxins.
• Add + 5% to save vs coma/death.
• Fatigue is temporarily forgotten and the character can function as if he was fully rested for the full duration of the summon inner strength power.
Telekinetic leap 7 P Self 1 attack/action N/A 8
This telekinetic application boosts the person’s leaping ability, propelling the psychic an additional two feet (0.6 m) when leaping upwards, and three feet (0.9 m) when leaping across or lengthwise, per level of experience. This power can be used in conjunction with a leap kick attack (damage: 6D6+6 plus P.S. bonuses), but the character will take 2D6 points of damage himself
from the hard impact. A die roll to roll with punch, fall or impact, may be needed to land safely after one of these leaps.
Hydrokinesis 7 Su Varies Varies Varies Varies
This ability enables the character to use psychic energy to sense and influence water.
* Sense Chemical Impurities 7 Su Self/6" 1 min N/A 2/min
The psychic can sense whether or not water is polluted/contains other substances. The exact nature of the additive or pollutant may be unknown, but he will know that it
is not completely natural. When sensing water, first roll to determine:
1) Pure or Drinkable (nonhazardous/tap water) 70% + 5% per each additional level of experience.
2) Second, Roll for general nature of the pollutant; this identifies whether it is chemical/drug (not
deadly, but will cause a reaction if drunk) or poison/toxin (deadly or harmful if swallowed). Success ratio in identifying the general nature of the pollutant is 35% + 5% per each additional level of experience.
* Boil water 7 Su 8’ + 2’/lev 1 min N/A 3/gal
The psychic can increase the temperature of water raising it to boiling level within one minute (four melees). Up to one gallon (3.8 liters) can be affected. Once set a boiling, it will take the usual amount of time to cool. This power can not be made to boil the water or blood in a living creature.
* Water Spout 7 Su 20’ Instant N/A 5
An ability that enables the psychic to control and hurl water. The effect can be used to make water bubble (but not heated), shoot straight up like a geyser or a water blast hurling
across a room like a short, powerful spray from a garden hose. Up to one gallon of water per level of experience can be manipulated and hurled up to a distance of 20 feet. Note: The fluid must be 75% water to be controlled, such as punch, hot coffee, chicken soup, tea, kool-aid, etc. Forget about hurling ice (frozen does not count), paint, gasoline, or cake batter. Making water leap with a life of its own can be startling to others and can make a great distraction if handled right. Hurling normal water or a cool drink into somebody’s face/eyes will momentarily blind and surprise the individual, causing him/her to lose initiative and one attack that melee. Hurling hot or boiling water on the body (especially the crotch) will have the same results. Hurling boiling water in the face is horribly painful, causing 2D4 damage, loss of initiative, loss of all attacks for 1D6 melees and temporary blindness for 3D6 melees (-10 to strike, parry and dodge). Characters of a good alignment will not hurl boiling water in the face unless under
an absolutely life and death circumstance. Bonus: + 1 to strike. Making water bubble or rise up like a fountain can be maintained for up to 30 seconds (2 melees). Note: The psychic can influence up to one gallon of water per level of experience up to 20ft away, whether he can see it or only feel its presence.
* Sense Water 7 Su 20’ Permanent N/A 0
Sense Water: The character can sense the presence of any water exposed to the open air automatically at no cost of ISP Note:Underground rivers, airtight containers, etc., can not be sensed.
Psi Shield 7 Su Self 5 min N/A 30
A companion power to the psi-sword, in which the psionic can create a mega-damage shield out of thin air. The shield can be used to parry all hand to hand combat attacks including attacks from robots, power armor, and magic. The shield can not be use to parry energy blasts and projectiles. Shield M.D.C. is 80.
Psychosomatic Disease 7 Su 10’ 1D4 days/lev Standard 30
This power employs the principle of mind-over-matter by inducing the victim to believe he suffers from a particular disease, although no actual physical cause can be found — it’s all in the mind. This is done in a similar way as hypnotic suggestion, requiring the psychic to “suggest” that the character looks ill or that a particular disease is in the area, as well as mention the name of a specific disease along with the most notable (and debilitating or frightening) symptoms. Within 2D6 minutes, the intended victim will begin to come down with those symptoms. He will suffer from the affliction, with all its pain and penalties, until one of the following occurs: the psychic who caused the affliction removes it, the character is healed by a psychic healer, a successful magical or priestly Remove Curse spell or ritual is performed, or let the psychosymatic disease runs its course (see duration above).
In the meantime, the character will suffer from physical trauma and symptoms (fever, vomiting, coughing, convultions, skin rashes, hives, etc.) associated with that disease, as well as emotional anguish. In most cases, the disease is debilitating for days, but sometimes it can be deadly; dies of dehydration, starvation, injury, etc., brought on by the symptoms and/or fear of the psionic illness.
P.P.E. Shield 8 Sup Self 6 mins./lev N/A 10t
A psionic defense that can be used to prevent P.P.E. vampires, psi-stalkers, and mages from siphoning off one’s psychic energy. The shield works similarly to a mind block, only it prevents others from draining one’s P.P.E.
Empathic Transmission 8 Sup 60’ 2d6 min. Standard 6
Attacks Per Melee: Equal to the individual’s psychic abilities. This incredible ability enables the psychic to instill a powerful emotion into another living creature; person, animal or supernatural being. Each psychic attack/transmission can only affect one creature at a time. Several supernatural creatures have this ability or some aspect of it.
Despair or Sorrow: Invokes great emotional upheaval, deep sorrow and a sense of loss. There is a 50% chance of the victim surrendering or leaving without a battle; furthermore victims are – 2 to parry and dodge.
Confusion: Disorients the person so badly that he has no sense of direction, time, or of what is exactly going on. Victims are – 3 to strike, parry and dodge, and lose initiative in any combat.
Fear: Invokes unreasoning terror in all those affected. Victims are – 3 to strike, parry and dodge, plus there is a 66% chance that those affected will turn and run.
Hate or Anger: Will prompt those affected to act rashly, charge, attack, argue violently, etc. Victims are likely (60% chance) to attack, kill, harm, or betray those they dislike; + 1 (yes, that’s plus) to strike, — 1 to parry and dodge.
Love or Peacefulness: Will induce a deep feeling of serenity, dispelling anger, hatred, sorrow, and so on. Hostile opponents are likely (60% chance) to reconsider their actions, deciding not to attack, show mercy, leave without being overtly cruel or destructive, halt a rampage, and so on. It does NOT make its victims docile sheep, but curbs hostility.
Trust: Will make its victims believe everything the psionic tells them, but only while under the empathic influence. Life threatening suggestions that go against deep-seated fears or ideals provide an additional savings throw against the suggested action; with a bonus of + 3 to save
Deaden Pain 8 H 3’ 1 hr/lev N/A 4
The ability to deaden pain can be used as a pain killer which temporarily
negates existing pain or as an anesthetic to be used for surgery.
Psychic Purification 8 H Touch Immediate None/Nega=Standard 8
6D6 minutes of meditation. The healer can use his abilities to slow a person’s metabolism and destroy chemicals, drugs, poisons, and toxins in the body. The effects of the drugs/impurities are immediately halted at the beginning of the meditation, and completely destroyed/negated by its end. Damage sustained prior to the psychic’s intervention still exists.
Power Name Lvl. Acq. Type Range Duration Saving Throw ISP Cost
Type the notes about the power here.

Pigeon Ring 3 free pigeons daily A gift from Justacar Vitrandul, no magic item tax on this item
Telepathic Ear Cuff equal to psychic Telepathy power Distance is 200’, no line of sight needed, 6 linked pairs
Belt of Doom Magical weapons holder Will mystically shrink and hold 10 weapons as brass plaques on the belt. Two-Handed & Giant sized weapons take 2 slots.
Fifth Key of the Word Psi-Crystal Magic Rod See Item Page.
Arudanni Circlet Flight of an Arudanni Flight of an Arudanni for 1 hour, once per 24 hour period. Flying SPD 120
Dwarven Eye of the Mountain Eternity Stone A runestone that bears runes of eternity. When the bearer dies one eternity ends and another begins. The runes shift their soul to a different fate thread where they survived.
Eldritch Ring Ring of communication Unlimited distance communication with the wearer of the other ring. Contains Great Eldritch Magic
Elven books of Knowledge ??? ???
Huge Fire Opal ??? ???
Mallus Solis 4D6+4 See item Page for more information

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown Notes
Blunt One +3 +3 +1 -
Sword One +2 +2 +2 -
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current %/lev Total %
Lang: Avestan 98% 15% 1 8 5% 98%
Lang: Trade Elven 40% 15% 1 8 5% 95%
Lang: Berkaic 40% 15% 1 8 5% 95%
Literacy: Avestan 30% 15% 1 8 5% 85%
Math: Basic 45% 15% 1 8 5% 98%
W.P. Blunt -% -% 1 8 N/A N/A
W.P. Sword -% -% 1 8 N/A N/A
HtH: Expert -% -% 1 8 N/A N/A
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current %/lev Total %
Disguise 25% +5% 1 8 5% 90%
Lore: Psionics 25% 10% 1 8 5% 75%
Tracking 25% 10% 1 7 5% 75%
Interrogation 20% 5% 3 8 5% 70%
Intelligence 30% +10% 6 8 4% 52%
_______________ -% -% 9 - - -%
_______________ -% -% 12 - - -%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current %/lev Total %
Prowl 25% 1 8 5% 60%
Lore: Demons & Monsters 25% 1 8 5% 60%
Cook 30% 1 8 5% 65%
Land Nav. 36% 1 8 5% 70
Gen. Athletics N/A 4 6 - N/A
Running N/A% 8 1 N/A N/A
_______________ -% 12 - - —%

[GM: I could use some help here with a table or something to dress up the HtH skill list]
HtH: EXPERT; current skills
1. 2 attacks/melee to start; + 2 to pull/roll with punch, fall or impact
2. + 3 to parry and dodge
3. + 2 to strike
4. + 1 additional attack per melee
5. Kick attack does 1D6 damage
6. Critical strike on an unmodified roll of 18, 19 or 20
7. Paired weapons
W.P. Paired Weapons: Users of paired weapons can:
A. Strike and parry simultaneously. In other words, warriors skilled in paired weapons can often
perform two actions for every one melee action/attack.
B. Twin, simultaneous strikes against the same target. Both weapons hit, but is considered ONE
melee attack/action, (roll only once to strike). The defender can only try to parry one of the
weapons in the parry! The other will strike, unless he too is using two weapons, or a weapon and
shield, and has the W.P. paired weapons skill.
C. Strike two different targets (or strike one and parry the other), simultaneously; both must be
within reach.
D. Parry two different attackers; one with each hand. Weapons are limited to the one-handed types
and can be used in any combination; for example, two short swords, or short sword and
broadsword, sword and knife, mace and shield, etc. Two-handed weapons cannot be used as a
paired weapon.
8. Judo-style body throw/flip; does 1D6 SD, and victims lose initiative & 1 attack.

Future skills:
9. + 1 additional attack per melee
10. +3 to damage
11. Knockout/stun on an unmodified roll of 18, 19 or 20
12. Additional +2 to parry and dodge
13. Critical strike or knockout from behind (triple damage)
14. + 1 additional attack per melee
15. Death blow on a roll of natural 20

Name Count Location Description
Large Ruck Sack 1 Back Holds up to 100 lbs, weapon harness is integrated, hidden money compartment(holds up to M20,000) , HUP, 2, 3, 4
Weapons harness 1 Integrated with Ruck Sack Holds Weapons, What else.
Weapons Belt 1 Waist Holds weapons. How many do you have?
Journal Book 1 Ruck Sack 200 pages… or so
Basic Rations 4 weeks Ruck Sack yum.
Heavy silk lined wool cloak 1 worn or in ruck sack It’s so HEAVY, and silky
Studded Leather Armor 1 Worn It’s got your back
Healing Potion 2 Ruck sack It gets you back on your feet
Family Crest necklace 1 Neck It’s who he is.
Mining Hammer 1 Weapons Belt Nice.
War Hammer 1 Weapons Belt Sweet.
Mallus Solis 1 Weapons Harness Are you kidding me?.
Pigeon Ring 1 Left ring finger For mission reports and letters home
Telepathic Ear Cuff 1 Left Ear Tell me your thoughts
Belt of Doom 1 Waist I can carry everything

Ayden AnderWolf Hammerdon

Regnum AZ_RUNE LURCH6571